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about me hiya, im taiiga#1807 aka mel, i go by sei (kelp if we're close) as my online nickname. im extremely sensitive sometimes and will judge you, or not , i do stuff randomly lol


byi!! i take some things really personal, so if you dont like to have to be explaining a lot of things, don't interact.

++ I'm in the genshin fandom, currently hyperfixated on toradora. I'm an artist and i sometimes code html. I don't like javascript.
LOVELOVELOVELOVE!! taiga aisaka, kazuha, albedo, heizou, anya, editing, drawing, coding, toradora, pjsekai, roblox , minecraft, lets go eevee, genshin

<3 my friends !! food

music taste kikuo, mitski, lo-fi, j-pop, some k-pop and etc.